As my dad would say, “it does my heart good” to know you’re out there reading these words, and perhaps actually interested in what gets posted here.  After over twenty years of oral tradition storytelling in schools, libraries, corporations, living rooms, etc, I can speak firsthand about that space between teller and listener where magic happens. I know…that’s trite and syrupy, but true. And thank goodness, because that magical space  keeps us human in this age of e-valanches, because NOTHING can replace it. The written word has a magic zone, too. Sure, cyberspace is connecting us right now (as I type this and imagine you on the other end reading it), but technology can’t exist in the zone, where you and I—as reader and writer—create sparkling, unique originals (in your head). How special is that!?

The blog is celebrating its 3-Month Birthday and I’m sending out a request — to know what topics you’d like to see us take up in this space.

So comment with your ideas and let’s see what we can create together in 2012. Invite some friends to subscribe, too…

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