~ Anita’s Journal Entry

June 1, 2011
Albany, GA

:Researching novel at 50th Anniversary of
the Southwest Georgia  SNCC Movement 

Tonight after a long day of speeches and panels, a bunch of us left Albany State University’s Hyper Gym for an after party in the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn on the banks of the Flint River at the foot of the new bridge. Met a German-American artist named Charlotta Janssen. She lives in Brooklyn but was born in Maine to German parents living in America under the Marshall plan. From street musician to painter, her art has taken her around the globe. She came to Albany for the 50th Anniversary with Charles Jones, a hero of the Movement—he’s on my list to interview.

The CJ's! Charlotta Janssen and Charles Jones. June 2011. Photo by Anita Jones

Seconds after we met, Charlotta pulled out her iPad to show her portraits of Freedom Riders and Montgomery Bus Boycotters. Took my breath away. She paints fairly large, from mug shots, using a narrow spectrum of resonant, earthy teal, white, black and rust—like the boldness and nuances in tainted copper.
This is so appropriate to the subject ~ the times were certainly corrosive, and at the same time vigorous, alive with activism! Charlotta’s paintings capture that…even on an iPad screen. Love to see them  in exhibit. Time for field trip! (some day)  
End Journal ~

Very hip, talented woman. So glad we connected and that [maybe] you get to meet her for the first time here.
Poster below is for her upcoming show:
History Inspiring Art
April 1st ~ May 28th, 2012
Troy University Rosa Parks Museum 

“In 2010 the Freedom Riders took ahold of me.
Mug shots that had preserved the reciprocity of confrontation—being

confronted by injustice whilst confronting it for its injustice drew me in.” 

Click, click and ~  off you go to see and hear Charlotta’s fire for this compelling work

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