I love it when a person makes so much sense that you can’t help but understand them. That’s the case with Angela Glover Blackwell who says ~

“America doesn’t want to talk about race,”  and also, “America can see its future.
And it’s
 a five-year-old Latina girl. It is a seven-year-old black boy.
What happens to them will determine what America looks like.”

I have my husband, Rob, to thank for pointing my nose toward this Bill Moyers interview with her. Blackwell is the founder and CEO of PolicyLink, a national research and action institute advancing economic and social equity. When she talks about Equity it’s a proper noun; a main character with a distinct voice in the American narrative she’s chosen to get behind ~

“Equity asks: ‘what do you need to reach your full potential
and how do we make sure that it’s fairly available’?”

Her clarity and passion and intelligent common sense had me reaching for a pen to write everything down, until I saw that I could just print out the entire transcript.

OK, just one more Angela quote before you go watch the interview ~

“We are not a poor country
and we need to stop acting like one.”

The interview is 45 min. You won’t regret finding the time: