Sunday, May 24, 1987 ~

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Rob and I joined 300,000 +  people for “Bridgewalk 1987”, celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge’s 50th Anniversary. One thing’s for sure—you could hardly call what we did a stroll on the bridge…what was everybody thinking?? Who knew if the thing would hold us all!

We were living in SF at the time so we walked from that side. We made it only as far as Fort Point before our crowd hit a wall of people coming from the Marin County side. And there we all were, stuck for hours. One of the worse days of my life. I thought we would surely die on that bridge, especially when somebody convinced too many of us to jump up and down in unison. We learned later that this flattened out a hump in the roadway.

Sunday, May 27, 2012 ~

Last night’s 75th celebration was much more my speed. We drove the 25 minutes from Novato to Sausalito, parked in our friend Joel’s condo garage, joined him and some buddies upstairs for a glass of wine. His view of San Francisco is spectacular; her skyline peppered with golden windows as the sun set. Then our merry band of seven walked to Cavallo Point to watch the fireworks. Beautiful night, clear and not too windy up on the ridge.

Maria, anticipating cold, wore a furry white jacket, so Joel named us the Polar Bears. Interesting how quickly one can bond with new acquaintances. As Joel lead us at a quick clip past bumper-to-bumper cars, the faces and voices of our instant pack represented familiarity and security amidst the hordes.

Thanks to Joel C., Rob and I definitely enjoyed the 75th much more than the 50th, and this time I have pictures  ~