I’m grateful for generous friends with a well-appointed cabin in the woods of Nicasio

where I hit the 5-8 mark a week ago today

a gift of quiet so quiet I could hear myself write, stop mid sentence to nap, wake and pick up where I left off.

I’m grateful for buckeyes in bloom, coyote howls and stars; curious deer and moss covered rocks,

an ancient oak growing right up through the deck, my bedroom window wake up call.

I’m grateful for Rob, holding down home while Miranda is on adventure in Kenya [how grateful are we all for that!]

and I’m eternally indebted for you, dear patient Blog Follower, many joined the journey at the start eight months ago. You inspire me.

My week in the woods yielded Draft #4, process and good storytelling take time.

I’m ready for the next phase ~ an visionary editor.

I end with a bold request! I had hoped to have 100 followers by my birthday. Missed the mark by 30. Will you invite a friend to follow as a belated birthday gift? (y’see how old ladies have no shame? We ask for what we need). I’ll hope for the best and see where we are by July 1. Thanks!