Nothing fancy, plain post. Taking a blog holiday for good reason ~

Got some news ~

On May 1st I submitted my screenplay adaptation of Peach Seed Monkey to Sundance Institute to be considered for their 2013 January Screenwriter’s Lab and made it through the second round! Not counting any chickens yet, but as my friend Pete de Lissovoy wrote, whatever the road, this is worth celebrating.

Can’t celebrate yet, though: putting in 16 hour days to send the complete script by next Friday, August 17th. (Whew…one week away!)

If we make it in, the script and I go to Utah for a week in January to workshop with Feature Film Program’s creative advisors.
(AKA a dream come true).

My new favorite film, Beasts of the Southern Wild (released on 6/29/12 and making a HUGE critical splash) was a product of the Sundance 2009 January Screenwriters Lab:
This is all she can write for the week. Gotta get back to pages…As always….thanks for reading!