This morning I ran into one of my faithful followers, Meg (she was the first to subscribe 11 months ago!) and she asked “Did you change your name on your blog?”

And I thought, “BUSTED!” I forgot to let people know that my nom de plume is now Anita GAIL Jones.  Takes me back: on Hazard Drive they all knew me as “Gail”.

A pragmatic choice: it started with a friend trying to find me on Twitter (yes, I’m there now, too) and discovering that there are squillion Anita Joneses out there. Of course I already knew this, but thought I was the only really special Anita Jones out there. Taint so. They’re ALL special. So I decided to throw my middle name in hoping to cut the squillion in half at least.

Not that I’m really into all this social media stuff. Just treading as hard as I can, trying to stay a float in this wild and crazy universe…

So if you tweet, look me up: @peachseedmonkey