This ties in with my recent post: The New Jim Crow.

California is one 24 states that have a “Three-Strikes” type law, passed 18 years ago.  Now we look back with regret at many lives ruined by the law’s “good intentions”. With Proposition 36, this November we will—once again—be voting to change some aspects of this unjust law by eliminating unintended and ineffective life sentences.

Bottom line ~ right now in California, over 3,000 convicted felons are serving LIFE TERMS for non-violent crimes (such as possessing $5 worth of drugs).

Many of these citizens want to contribute value to society and should be home with their families, raising their children.

“Three Strikes is especially used against people of color.
District Attorneys have unlimited and total discretion as to whether to charge the third felony as a Three Strikes case.
When prosecutors can decide who survives and who doesn’t, I’d be very surprised if race wasn’t the major factor.”

Dennis Roberts, Attorney, Oakland, CA

Watch the three short videos below and see why Californians MUST Vote Yes on Proposition 36:


Shane Taylor

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