My girl turned 18 last month. Yes, I am in shock, (and VERY excited that she’ll vote for the first time in November!) I look at how vibrant she is and count my blessings. Then I count them again because there’s something called The Girl Effect mobilizing the world to help millions of girls worldwide who live in poverty. All they need is a chance. With education and health they, too,  are fully capable of being vibrant, contributing citizens who can then change the lives of their families and invest in their communities.

I first saw this powerful video in February when I sat on a panel at the Brentwood School Young Women’s Conference. Should never have taken me this long to share . So well done and moving ~

During the Atlanta Summer Olympics, 1996, Nike ran an ad that said: “You don’t win the silver, you loose the gold.” I STILL haven’t forgiven them for that. But the fact that Nike Corporation started The Girl Effect is certainly good news.

Go to The Girl Effect website…