Of course I’ve heard and felt the disappointment since President Obama’s debate last week, and listened to the theories as to what the heck was going on. Do I feel better after the Biden/Ryan face-off tonight? Ahhh…..yes and no.

I feel good about Joe not letting his “friend” run away with ANYTHING; my favorite was nailing Ryan on the two letters he wrote asking for stimulus money for Wisconsin. We can count on Joe to speak his mind, consistently and passionately in that “kitchen table” way that he has—to paraphrase David Brooks. And thank goodness for Martha Raddatz, maybe she can loan Jim Lehrer some moderator backbone—he dropped his somewhere last week.

Joe Biden has an Everyman character that rings true—but tonight doesn’t make me feel any better about last week. Only our POTUS has the power to do that, and I have every belief that he will come Tuesday. That will be a town meeting—right up his alley.

The big news at our house: I took Miranda—our new voter—to see Barack on Monday! He was in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Auditorium. She and I stood on the floor for the whole event with our little possé: Doreen, and son Tristan, and friend Beth. We all wondered if the Prez would in anyway address the lackluster debate. He made this single reference and moved on:

“That wasn’t leadership, that was salesmanship”.

The full blog is coming, in the meantime here’s something Rob sent my way ~ to whet your appetite: