I’ve been back home in Albany for five days now, and I’m finally relaxed realizing it’s of no advantage to try moving faster than everybody around me  ( if only in my mind).

Don’t take Wi-Fi for granted ~ I could only go online on my laptop  to Muzak at the Albany Mall, or the quiet of a library, or heaven forbid,  one of two Starbucks in town. Then I discovered this morning that since I was here last June, my hosts installed wi-fi! Oh happy day! But wait—things just got faster (again) when I was getting used to them slowing down.

Now I can do everything from the comfort of the upstairs guest suite, even though the newly built (HUGE) Oakland Library  just opened  across the highway from Quail Pines, the Lee county suburb I’m calling home.

After an afternoon of probate court run around, I remembered to stop along the way and enjoy some local beauty: