The verdict is in.

Moments ago six women in Sanford, FLA found Zimmerman not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin.
I’ve come here to write about this and find myself at a complete loss for words. I did not think that six women, most of them mothers, would find this man not guilty. And so when the verdict was read (my husband and I happen to be watching TV and saw it live) it was as if someone punched me in my stomach.

I have tears in my eyes; for Trayvon, for his parents, his family and for the message this sends to people who—like George Zimmerman—feel that justice has been served.

This only proves one thing to me right now: justice IS in this case “blind, and deaf and dumb and idiotic” to quote the columns provided on slave holding documents for oppressors to check off their human inventory.

As I watched Zimmerman’s family celebrate the verdict with smiles and hugs I thought of Emmett Till—the two white men responsible for his brutal death celebrated with their families in the same way.

We have stepped back in time and there is no reason for celebration.