Thanks once again, Dear Blog Followers, for staying with me through another year! That’s right, October 2013 marks the 2nd birthday for this blog. I say now what I said after writing my first post: “Blogging is more than a notion.”

This is especially true right now as I try to keep up with blogging while revising the novel.  Here’s latest update:

My editor/coach invited me and three other of her novelists-clients to take an online, one month min-course. Fascinating!  Learning so much. We’re reading and studying the novel, The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. Many of you know this book, I’m sure. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t give you a nickel for anything baseball, but this book is very well written — a testament to technique if he sold me on baseball! The book was chosen because its subject is so far removed from any of ours, so we can isolate technique. Thrilled to be working this closely with my coach ~ giving me the wind to sail ahead with revising. (Not to say it’s a breeze. Hardly!)

There is much to discuss on the blog, with the nuts in DC getting nuttier by the day; and I still owe you the final phase of pictures from the Europe trip so far in the past now, and my mentee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Sept. 26th! Find someone to mentor, there’s much work to be done.

For now ~ wherever you are in the world ~ raise a glass of something in cheers to the blog and gratitude for all your blessings!

Remember ~ Love Is Everywhere!

This was on the ground at the Musee de Rodin in Paris!

This was on the ground at the Musee de Rodin in Paris!