Don’t run—SPRINT to see the brand new documentary about the rebirth of Rwanda~ Sweet Dreams .

Went to a special member screening two days ago at the Rafael Theater (in San Rafael, CA) and was blown away. I detest spoiler alerts and TMI trailers (Too Much Information)—which are everywhere these days—because they make it impossible to be surprised in the dark as a movie unfolds. Lucky for me, my husband did not tell me what the film was about so it was a double treat. Hence, click here only if you want to spoil the movie. But I pray you will do what I did, see the movie then visit the website.

No spoiler if you go here for current screenings.

NOTE TO Marin County followers ~
I just learned that Sweet Dreams has been extended one week at the Rafael Film Center.
Starting this Friday, Dec. 20th with showings at 4:00 and 8:00 PM.
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