Writing and Life intertwine in interesting ways.

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My creatively cluttered desk


It’s been a while since I posted—too busy with life and writing, each taking me into uncharted territory. Revising the novel results in a blur between fiction and life sometimes as my characters throw in their own commentary on what’s going on in my life.

Our daughter, Miranda, finished her freshman year at Pitzer College (in a flash it seems) and is home for the summer primed to do an internship. It does our hearts good to see her thrive. As is my practice, I start the day by visiting the fictional rooms of my novel, waking folks up, checking in to see who has what for me. It gets weird when Olga or Fletcher or Florida or Altovise start talking to me about Miranda.

Team Nia: L-R: Denise Brusseau. ED of Bridge the Gap; Patchen Homitz, teacher at Tamiscal High School, Kristen Carter, Counselor at Weed High School, me

Team Nia: L-R: Denise Brusseau, Exec. Dir of Bridge the Gap, Marin City; Patchen Homitz, teacher at Tamiscal High School; Kristen Carter, Counselor at Weed (CA) High School; me

For the past three months I’ve been 1/4th of  “Team Nia”, four adults mentoring Nia, a 15-year-old who has faced many challenges and set-backs in her short life yet maintains a peaceful, compelling spirit and a fierce determination to change her life for good. Through much hard work and miles of email, the work of Nia and Team  has led to her being accepted into Eagle Rock School in Estes Park, CO—an extraordinary alternative boarding high school (an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one) for students who are not on track to graduate (ie, the kids our society generally throws away). Tuition, room & board are fully funded by the Honda Corporation. (Hat’s off to Honda! This is clearly what the Koch Brothers, et al, should be doing with their squillion$). Eagle Rock is a model school. It will blow you away.


Nia with her nephews at her Eagle Rock send-off party.

I’m here to introduce all of you to Nia and her journey because we need more next generation-feel-good stories out there.  (And all my fictional folks told me I should) She chose “inspiredwave” as her email address and it says it all. This child is a tsunami of positive personal change.

So, you can go to Nia’s very own blog and from there visit Eagle Rock’s site: http://www.eaglerocker63.wordpress.com