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Dr. Maya has not fallen silent ~ death gives her voice
the power of perpetuity.
She has joined the ancestors.

Now she, too, can be everywhere all at once.

She and my mother, Irene Gaines Jones, were born on April 4th.
My mother was 2 when Maya was born.
Dr. King was assassinated on their birthday in 1968.



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My homage to The Great Lady, Maya Angelou: (poem)

I was a well-behaved colored girl, easy to get along with. My militance was undetectable.

I became an articulate Negro.  No need to cringe or be afraid when I spoke.  And I was (am) only too loud sometimes.

I am a creative African-American, having my way with words. I adapt to any situation. I love to dance, my cooking is above average and I only talk in the movie house when it’s absolutely necessary.

I provide opportunity. For diversity. I give permission. It is said I pave the way—still—for others to follow.

I am often a black onyx island in an alabaster sea.

Floating, observing, I am just like you: we are born of our skin and not confined nor defined by it.

We are descendents of the world’s heinous history and the world’s boundless beauty.

Together ~ let us cry and laugh; let us dive and soar.

~ agj 2014

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With Amiri Barka at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

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With the erudite James Baldwin, writer.

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Celebrating her 82nd at home in Winston Salem, North Carolina.