In the 60s James made being Black a badge of honor with
the mega hit song: “Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)”.
So how can it be there’s not a single black person helping to
tell his story in the new film Get On Up?

I’m still in a cocoon, revising the novel—headed toward my September 15th deadline when I’ll  join a manuscript swap with my editor, AJ Verdelle and four other novelists. But I had to come out to post this essay and video from Gregory Allen Howard—who wrote the screenplay for iconic film, Remember the Titans. Remember that film? If you haven’t seen it you MUST rent it.

Howard says we black writers NEED to be at ALL THE TABLES and IN ALL THE ROOMS when black stories are being told “so [we] can bring some truth to these stories”.  AMEN to that. There were ZERO BLACKS at the creative tables for the new James Brown film, Get On Up. I haven’t seen the film yet, so I can’t comment on content, but you have to wonder why producer Brian Grazer would replace first pick Spike Lee with Tate Taylor (of The Help) as director. If you have seen the film please let us know what you thought.

Howard lays it out straight so GO read his blog post on Huffington Post and be sure to scroll down and watch the short video.

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