3 years!

Thank you, Dear Followers! I launched this blog on October 27, 2011. Appreciate you sticking with me—many of you for the past 3 years, 126 posts and 586 comments. And now, we have another reason to celebrate!…

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Milestone ~

After over a year of intense work with my editor, A.J. Verdelle, last Wednesday, October 15, 2014, I completed the “editorial” draft of Peach Seed Monkey and abandoned it to my two readers: my fellow novelist Lauren—who lives in Boston—and my dedicated husband, Rob who is at this moment on the living room couch reading with pen in hand (giving me a case of nerves).

Many thanks to A.J. for her work on the manuscript so far and for organizing the manuscript swap.

After over a month of many 10-14 hour days revising I hit “send” at 3:00 AM. Truly a feeling of release and trepidation. There was only one thing to do with all that trepidity: take it to a spa. And that we did: Indian Springs in Calistoga, CA.

Indian Springs, Calistoga, CA

Indian Springs, Calistoga, CA


A mural in downtown Calistoga! I love yardbirds ( :

A mural in downtown Calistoga! Love those yardbirds ( :