When you have four hours to kill at Kennedy airport there are many things designed to part you from your money.

After a stellar trip, my 11:30 flight left at 10 AM and I gave in to a $15 gin and tonic.
How I managed to miss Delta’s frequent—albeit too hidden–time change in texts and a No-Caller-ID phone call is not worth telling.

With three hours behind me and an hour to go I’m here to publish my last post from New York this trip.
(Bear with me, this is done from the iPhone.)

On this first day of Hanukkah, the TV here at gate 33 reports: Alan Gross released from Cuban prison after five years. Hence I’m quickly reminded that my first world problem is insignificant.

On my last night I conquered my short list: walk a few blocks on the Highline, stop by to see my friend Branly Cadet’s sculpture of Adam Clayton Powell at 125th St in Harlem and meet friends for dinner at the Red Rooster.