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See the documentary, #chicagogirl, on Netflix Instant Play.

11.9.15 ~ Today I met Ala’a Basatneh, 23-year-old Syrian expatriate who lives with her parents and brother in a suburb of Chicago. When she was 19—a college freshman—she ran a revolution in Syria from her bedroom using Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Watched the documentary, #chicagogirl—directed by Joe Piscatella—with a group of northern California high schoolers followed by Q & A and small group discussions with Ala’a ~ such a presence, so inspiring; a true personification of the Citizen Warrior.
~ Anita


Ala’a & Anita at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, CA.

Ala’a started on Facebook with 60 friends and a desire to help the citizen journalists on the ground in Syria—having no idea or plan on how to do that. She didn’t even know what a Tweet was. She connected with many and lost many to the violent acts of the Assad regime.

When asked when did she realize how important she had become to the uprising she answered, “When I was talking with 6-7 people [on the ground in Syria] at once ~ on Twitter, Facebook, Skype ~ then all of a sudden I realized I really was making a difference.” ~ Ala’a

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See the documentary, #chicagogirl, on Netflix Instant Play.
Watch the trailer here:

In memory of Ala’a friends ~
Syrian filmmaker/Syracuse University student, Bassel Shehadeh
Syrian activist/engineering studentMazhar “Omar” Tayyara