Langston Hughes 1936 photo by Carl Van Vechten

Poets in Unexpected Places pop up at the holiday market in Union Square with poems in response to police brutality, a day after the non-indictment for the killing of Eric Garner. Abena Koomson performs “Let America Be America Again” by American poet Langston Hughes, written in 1935. It was originally published in the July 1936 issue of Esquire Magazine. It was later republished in the 1937 issue of Kansas Magazine and was revised and included in a small collection of Langston Hughes poems entitled A New Song, published by the International Workers Orders in 1938.

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The title of this poem was used by Democratic US senator John Kerry as a campaign slogan in his 2004 presidential campaign. In 2011 an exploratory committee for conservative Republican former senator Rick Santorum used a variant of the phrase (“Fighting to make America America again”) on its website; told of the slogan’s derivation from the Hughes poem, Santorum stated he had “nothing to do with” its use by the committee. Additionally, the satirical website refutes the idea Santorum appropriated Hughes’s language, claiming that the phrase “make America America again” is “not unique nor very original.”