It’s my pleasure to introduce you to fledgling poet, Camron McDonald: the 13-year old son of my former Little Sister, Alette. (When she was ten years old, she and I were matched for eight years through Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Marin and we’ve stayed in touch.) Now I’m thrilled to work with Camron. Once a week for the past three months we meet to revise the poems he began writing in a 2017 summer enrichment program. His natural affinity and sheer joy of exploring emotion through words amazes me. How many 8th grade boys do you know who’d spend three hours after school seriously revising poems?

Back in November 2017, on our first day of revising, I promised Camron that as long as he showed up and worked I was happy to help. He is still holding up his end of the bargain and here’s an opportunity for you to help, too:

Camron is in need of a laptop to do homework and work more efficiently on his poetry. I’m asking you to invest in this young poet. Through our small family foundation make a donation—of any amount—toward the purchase of the laptop and receive a copy of his debut chapbook: