Time to pull out the Obama swag to remind Democrats of what we CAN DO against all odds. I was at Orchard Supply Hardware today (you do know all those stores are closing? Sad…) anyway, the cashier—a young black woman–saw my shirt and said, “That’s so refreshing! I sure do miss him…”

If you’re not doing something to help with this campaign, then you don’t really have the right to complain.

I detest phones and I’m not fond of knocking on strangers’ doors. So this afternoon I dropped by the Marin (County) Democrats in San Rafael, CA, wrote a few postcards and brought two packs to do at home.

There are many easy volunteer opportunities within your reach, from phone banking to voter registration to texting to writing postcards; surely you fit in somewhere.

Vote on November 6!

With my new friend, Jennifer (center) and Pat Johnstone who helps run Marin Dems Headquarters.

🇺🇸Go here for info on voter registration & find your polling place https://www.usa.gov/election-day#item-37327

🇺🇸Go here to volunteer in Marin County: https://marindemocrats.org/contact-us/