Oct 2018 has been a challenging month, usurped by the Kavanaugh circus plus on-going orange White House madness. And then there was Hurricane Michael. My hometown, Albany, Georgia and much of the southwest corner suffered greatly, as did parts of Florida and South Carolina.  As I pause to celebrate this blog’s 7th Birthday today, I continue to hold close my family and friends who are still recovering. 

If PSM.blog were a person, born on October 27th, “they” would be an imaginative and idealistic Scorpio with strong intuitive powers and powerful emotions. Their unique combination of determination, personal magnitude, and penetrating insight would make them excellent at combining business and pleasure. (like that idea).

I’m fascinated by the hidden signs and meanings in numbers so I consulted with a friend who’s into numerology:

I’ve always understood the number 7 to be the number of the spiritual seeker of truths. If you’re in a 7 year numerologically, it’s an introspective year when you feel the need to withdraw and be a bit hermit like—and then emerge in the 8 year, which is a good year for manifesting and making money…  —Holly Blake, painter, Numerology Geek, Residency Manager: Headlands Center for the Arts

To all readers who share this birthday ~ Happy Birthday and Many Glorious Returns of the Day!

After seven years, PSM.Blog and I have are not parting ways anytime soon, and I’m grateful to all you Followers, many who started with us back in Oct 2011. Starting today for the next 7 days, I have a special celebration planned so stick around…

The number 7 is amazing in its own right and made even more famous by the psychological term seven year-itch, which (according to Wikipedia) suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage. In 1913, Phillip Gibbs published the novel, The Eighth Year, in which he credits the idea to British judge Sir Francis Jeune. Of course, here in the US the phrase was popularized by George Axelrod’s 1952 play, The Seven Year Itch and the 1955 comedy film adaptation starring Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe. (Ewell also starred in the play with Paulette Girard who must’ve been pretty miffed when Billy Wilder, et al, chose Marilyn for the film. But hey—heaven help any “ingenue” going up against NORMA JEAN).

Not surprising to learn that seven year itch started as a name for long term, irritating, contagious skin complaints. Man-o-man do I know a little something about skin complaints: eczema—interestingly enough—lasted seven years, finally going away after a 3-day hospital stay in 2006. Toward the end, a clerk in a health food store told me “Oh, you’ve been suffering for seven years? Then you’re almost done.”  She based that on the theory that every cell in our body is replaced in seven-year cycles. A myth. Our miraculous bodies are constantly replacing cells: colon cells refresh after only four days, and we get a whole new skin every 2-3 weeks. Believe me, it’s more than a notion to watch your skin fall off at a rapid rate: flakes in the hospital bed and all over the floor. It’s been twelve years since my trauma with eczema ended and somedays I still sit and marvel at the blessing of no part of my body itching. My heart goes out to anyone suffering with chronic eczema.

These days seven year itch is used in any situation where we find ourselves in a lull after a long period of time—a full-time job? buying a house? revising a novel? Nah. I’m actually in year 12 of this novel-writing process and—while I definitely feel like an introspective hermit—I’m way past any itch. As you may have heard me say, the light at the end of this tunnel is so bright I have to wear sunglasses here at the computer. Feels real good to know Bloggie’s year 8 is just around the corner—I certainly would like to manifest a book deal in 2019.

The seven-day week was associated with the seven heavenly bodies: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. As a result, some believe, marking rituals every seventh-day became important.

To celebrate, I cracked open my PSM.blog archives and selected one popular post from each year to re-publish, one-a-day for a week. Day 1 will begin tomorrow. Please leave brief comments so we know you were here. If you have a longer, more personal treatise, please email me: peachseedmonkey@gmail.com

Numerologically speaking ~
To figure out what year your’e in: add up the digits of your birthday, month with current year. EX: if today is your birthday,10/27/18
becomes 1+0+2+7+2+0+1+8=21 and 2+1=3 so you are in a 3 year ~ representing vision, imagination and joy of living. You and Bloggie possess a great talent for creativity & self-expression. (Like the sound of that, too!)

More tomorrow…

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