We’re approach the 2018 Mid-term Elections on Nov 6. I hope you are voting for Democrats locally and nationally so we can TAKE BACK CONGRESS. I’ve been wearing my Obama t-shirt along with my Anna Pletcher for Marin District Attorney button. Many people say, “That’s refreshing to see. I sure do miss him.” to which I answer, the way he would: “Don’t cry: VOTE!”

This post takes us back to Obama campaigning for his second term. I went to see him in San Francisco. While standing in line for hours, I met a fired-up woman named Tura Franzen who has remained my friend and devoted PSM.blog Follower (Hey-hey Tura!) Check out the video I produced—at the end of the post


First Published: March 16, 2012

Boy how time flies. Already a month ago today that I saw President Obama at a reception at Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco.

At the same reception last April 20th (2011), I volunteered with my buddies, Doreen and Nancy, working the will-call table. This year, I bought a ticket…and stood in that line. Plenty of time to make new friends…and get sick and tired of shouting protestors across the street beside Grace Cathedral. They definitely needed new writers: their chants were tired, uninspired and flat out lies.
In front of me in line was my new friend, Tura Franzen of Oakland, and in front of her were Tammy and Robin from Sacramento. We all got our tickets in the same row to continue the party we started on street—bonding and banding against the protestors. Mostly we ignored them, but every once in awhile somebody on our side would get our long snaking line shouting “FOUR MORE YEARS!”

But this was a lot of fun, I highly recommend it. If you go, it’s worth it (I think, although I haven’t done this myself yet) to pick up your ticket a day or two before so you can skip the will-call line. You’ll still stand in ticket-holders line so dress warm, bring food, drink, knitting, your CAMERA, and get to know your neighbors! Unless of course you pay big bucks to shake the President’s hand or even better: snap a picture with him. (My dream! But Cost: $10K! We need campaign finance reform)

I forgot my camera (again) so I have Tura to thank for all these iPhone photos and the video footage.

That taxidermy polar bear head (left) was just plain strange…we all had a little problem with it and told Polar Bear Man inside the suit, but he ignored us.

That’s Tura in the middle and Tammy on right.

Can YOU find the President in this picture?

My little video (top below) is bare-bones and simple and I had fun putting it together: from the heart. I’m so proud of our president.