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Abrams and Gillum shown here with Ben Jealous (LEFT), former NAACP president, running for governor of Maryland.

To culminate this celebratory week of posts we emerge from the archives of, for fresh news from the current political front: highlighting two powerhouse candidates in gubernatorial races in the American south: former GA House Democrat Leader, Stacey Abrams, 44, who is running in Georgia, the Peach State, and Tallahassee, Florida mayor, Andrew Gillum, 39, who is running in the Sunshine State. Both are giving the racist status quo a much needed kick in the ethical/political pat-oozy.

Oprah & Trevor are supporters. Keep scrolling watch videos and—check out my Halloween costume inspired by these scary midterms…


“WHAT WE ARE experiencing right now is absolutely historic. The United States does not currently have a single black governor — not one. Florida, Georgia, and Maryland have never had a black governor. No black person has ever been the Democratic Party nominee for governor in Florida or Georgia. But that seems poised to change.”
—Shaun King, The Intercept

You can help: DONATE to these campaigns, contact friends and family in Georgia and Florida and threaten to disown them if they don’t vote for Abrams or Gillum.

Oprah Winfrey spoke Thursday, Oct 25th in support of Stacey Abrams for Georgia governor. (17:03)



Calling out his opponent, Ron DeSantis, for lying during a recent debate and then disrespecting his name, Andrew Gillum, spoke at a rally at Florida Memorial University, Thursday Oct. 25, (2:37)

Gillum with Tevor Noah (30:90)

Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum lays out the role of race in the Florida governor’s race, his plan to help all Floridians and how he’d handle Republican opposition if elected:


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My Halloween costume, inspired by these scary midterms: VOTELLA has a super power we all share…