Dec 11, 2018 ~  we celebrate my late sister, Dr. Betty Jean Jones. She would’ve turned 69 today. She remains my inspiration and is proud, I’m sure, to see this milestone:

After 12+ years, at last Peach Seed Monkey is a novel manuscript in search of an agent.

Omygoodness. The reality hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s been too long since I didn’t have to make my way to my computer or laptop to work on pages, like a dutiful duckling, instinctively following her mother’s call.

Feeling like the girl who cried wolf a few times. Not because I like to play tricks, but because I had no idea writing a novel would take this long. The creative process takes as long as it takes.

I believe in celebrating every milestone and always have to thank my editor, the erudite novelist, A.J. Verdelle. We started working together in 2012 after something I stumbled upon sent me looking for A.J. — this quote from Nikki Finney: “A.J. Verdelle teaches revision as an art.”  I could not have arrived at this juncture without her.

I’m onto the daunting journey of finding an agent and welcome any tips/advice/ideas/referrals/CONTRACTS… Meanwhile, I’ll be over here at my desk, drafting query letters, collecting rejections and drinking Strauss chocolate milk.