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James Baldwin ~ A Master of Craft


James Baldwin  1924 ~ 1987

“[Baldwin] uses words as the sea uses waves, to flow and beat, advance and retreat, rise and take a bow in disappearing…The thought becomes poetry and the poetry illuminates the thought.”
~ Langston Hughes

Anita’s Note: Once again I am on an intense revising schedule. When I’m not writing—or performing some nettlesome business of life—I read—having learned from novelist AJ Verdelle how to read like a writer—pen in hand, a hunter wielding a spear, looking for fresh meat. There is one place I have come to count on for a high yield: anything Baldwin. Right now I’m reading his 1962 novel, Another Country, set in Greenwich Village, Harlem and France, portraying many taboo themes.

Earlier this week I stumble off to bed around 2:AM leaving the book open on my desk at Book One/Chapter 3/page127. A few hours later, rested, watered and fed, I come back to work and something draws me to that open page. Midway down I find the gem below; Baldwin brilliantly tucked a passage on craft  into the interior monologue of his character, Vivaldo. Oh happy day! straight from the master’s acerbic mind to any soul lucky enough to be reading. Read more…

Christmas Music


During the wee hours of this morning, I was at my computer working on revisions for the novel, focusing on setup and thinking a lot about Forces of Antagonism, wanting to make sure they are strong enough throughout the story. Little did I know I would put this very principle to work a few hours later in a group exercise class: Read more…

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