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Pins & Needles!

I hope you and yours are coping as well as you can with COVID-19.

Two things:

#1. This is last call for this site—I will be retiring by March 1, 2021.

You haven’t heard from me in a while on this site because, as many of you know, I have a NEW site: Please! Click the link at end of this post and visit/subscribe.

#2. I’ve been on pins and needles for five months. Back in August I entered the manuscript into the contest: Pen/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction. The prize is $25,000 and publication by Algonquin in Chapel Hill, N.C. (which happens to me my dream publisher🤩). My manuscript has not been rejected yet, so that’s all I need to hold on to hope!

I so appreciate all of you for sticking with me through the YEARS of getting to this point. Whatever the outcome of this contest, the dang novel is finished and I’m not giving up on finding a publisher, and keeping everything crossed for good news on the near horizon for Peach Seed Monkey. 🤞🏾

Please follow me to the new site so you won’t miss any updates. It’ll take a few seconds to pop over there and subscribe:

Thanks so much!

We Homeschooled for Seven Years: Tips from “Ms. Mama”

These are surreal times. Due to COVID-19, we are all traveling down a road never before taken; and you may also find yourself homeschooling without a net. I offer these tips to help ease the journey

Last of Our Palindrome Days

Howdy, howdy! It’s been a while. Hope you and yours are surviving our crazy presidential election process. Take a break and read my new post on

5/1/19: Reading at E.M. Bookstore: Oakland

I will be reading from my novel manuscript, Peach Seed Monkey, this Wednesday, May 1st at E.M. Wolfman Bookstore. Hope you can come—bring friends & family!
Read about this exciting event on!

World Book Day

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Headlands Spring Open House ~ This Sunday

July, 2018. With friends and family at my first Open House: Headlands Center for the Arts.

You’re invited to join the fun this Sunday for my final Headlands Open House. Please read all about it by visiting my NEW WEBSITE:!*

*Yes, I am phasing out this Peach Seed Monkey site after seven wonderful years. I hope you faithful subscribers will visit the new site and sign up there to CONTINUE receiving updates. For your protection and privacy, I can not sign you up.

You’ll find lots of new content and a fresh new design… Now Live!

Thanks in large part to your faith in this work, Peach Seed Monkey begins searching for our publisher, and I’m pulling back curtains to show my own backstory, and little known facts. has lots of new content, photos, audio/video and more.

A fellow writer and dear friend and I are heading to a mega literary conference next week: AWP: Portland (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) which means meeting lots of folk. Agents, publishers and editors will be checking my site and social media to see who is in my corner? Who is interested in buying this book? Now more than ever your show of support can make a difference:
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• Leave comments
• Get friends and family to join you

I know. Been a lot of talking the past seven years here on PSM. Soon enough, we can stop talking and sit down to READ THE BOOK!! Help us get there from here. is waiting for your visit: designed by the phenomenal CM McLaughlin

New Look—New Lease…

As of this Friday, The Ides of March*—I will be moving to a new site—Anita Gail Jones—in preparation for query process kick off at AWP conference in two weeks.

Always, thankful to you for following PSM. I cherish our visits inside the warm wood walls (alliteration couldn’t be helped), but WordPress has retired this theme and, even though this blog will still be around for a few months, it’s time to move on.

Look for your invite to visit/subscribe to — meantime, here’s a little OPEN HOUSE surprise just for PSM subscribers: preview screening of freshly cut video.

Feel free to share/invite friends to follow: agents, editors and publishers will be checking out how many people I have in my corner:

*Friday is also the birthday of faithful PSM subscriber, Vivian to whom I am forever grateful for support since the early, early drafts, including hosting a reading in her home. Happy Birthday, Vivian!

On the Move…

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Bookfair

Long time, no see!

Heading to Portland, Oregon later this month for the AWP Conference, but first, let me tell you this, which you won’t believe:

For over two months, I’ve been immersed in a mind-numbing, tedious but extremely rewarding pass back through my manuscript to rein in my overuse of “the”.  Yep. What can I say. Had to do it. According to The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, “the” is overused more than any other English language word*—and I believe it after seeing how many times I had overused it myself.

Read more…

Women’s March San Francisco ~ January 19, 2019

Once again, joining millions of women world wide, on Saturday,  January 19, 2019, Women’s March San Francisco will host a rally and march, kicking off at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza at 11:30 a.m. with a lineup of speakers who advocate and organize on and around topics central to the Women’s March mission to work on behalf of human rights, civil liberties and social justice for all.

“Last year’s march focused on a theme of #HearOurVote, and we are now coming off a momentous midterm, where a more representative body of leadership has taken seat at the local and national levels. This year, we know the work is not done,”
— Sophia Andary, chair of Women’s March San Francisco.

For more details and logistics

This year’s speakers are advocates and leaders in their communities and fields. They’ll be covering a wide array of issues including anti-semitism, immigration, indigenous peoples rights, LGBTQIA rights and representation, reproductive rights, and socioeconomic and social justice.

See the slate of speakers and performers

For anyone coming in from another city please consider using Rally Bus, the statewide partner to the Women’s March California chapters.

View detailed logistics about the day of the march and learn about the rally speakers

Learn more via Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup or follow the event on Twitter.


Women’s March, Washington, DC

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