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Returning with NOLA Reflections: Street MUSIC!

Jackson Square, January, 2015 All Photos: Anita Gail Jones

Jackson Square, January, 2015
All Photos: Anita Gail Jones

Hello Blog Buddies!

Been a while and I’ve missed connecting with y’all, so lets’ jump back in with a NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) street music party! from our 2015 New Year’s trip to Birthplace of JAZZ.

These first two videos are typical of what you can happen upon anytime in Jackson Square:

The allure of New Orleans lives in the mix of everything: night, sun, fog, colors, smells, food, music…


Absent of video, these shots of teen brass band show the mood. Marched through the streets of French Quarter to this spot where they seriously jammed.


Literally everywhere in the night or day, there is music to savor.

St. Cinder ~ Love this ratty ragtime/blues/folk band out of Ashland, Oregon.

St. Cinder

 I lost my video footage but!…I must’ve been standing nearby when hottcarlson recorded this: Click photo to watch.

And here’s more of St. Cinder on Royal Street in The French Quarter:
Shot by RaoulDuke504

PARIS Part II ~ Art and Food

Life is busy right now. One day left before we drive off to deliver the college freshman.
In between packing and going through boxes of Kleenex, I continue revisions on the novel.

I welcome this distraction ~ a chance to keep my promise and bring you Part II of PARIS : Food & Art

Portrait de Négresse

Marie-Guillemine BENOIST: Portrait de Négresse, 1800 Musée du Lourvre

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