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Celebrating 4 Years!


Wooo–whooo!! THANKS to YOU—devoted Followers—this blog is 4 years old! To celebrate I’m launching a new feature: IN A NUTSHELL: an audio blogcast where I will share my writings, research interviews ~ and what not. This first episode is a revised version of the pages I read on Friday, October 23 at Rant & Reverie, a fundraiser for Novato (CA) Theater. It’s a scene from the set up of my work-in-progress novel, Peach Seed Monkey. To listen, CLICK  HERE ~ or ~ the play> button below. Leave a comment!…share your thoughts on the reading.

In A Nutshell 
1: A Wind Blew from the North 10.30.15

Upcoming Reading ~ This Friday, Oct. 23 in Novato

Hello All…long time no see, but I’m back with good news: I’ll be reading from the homestretch draft of my novel, Peach Seed Monkey, this coming Friday here in Novato, CA.

I hope you locals can come out and join the Rant & Reverie to raise money for the renovation of Novato Theatre.

Update ~ Early last month I made a trip back to Albany for a family funeral and was able to work a lot on place and setting for the story; you really have to be there to nail it. Was introduced to an area of Albany I’d heard of but never visited: Cromartie Beach. I was so intrigued that I’ve written the location into the story ~ this is where my Altovise Benson buys her retirement beach house ~


OK…Click on the poster below for details about the reading this coming Friday…


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