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Angela Glover Blackwell says: “Turn Outrage into action”


Angela Glover Blackwell  is outraged over the Zimmerman verdict.
I look to her and PolicyLink for balance and direction at times like these. So can you.
Click on the the picture to go to their EquityBlog, watch the video and get your marching orders.

Angela Glover Blackwell: Intelligent passion personified

I love it when a person makes so much sense that you can’t help but understand them. That’s the case with Angela Glover Blackwell who says ~

“America doesn’t want to talk about race,”  and also, “America can see its future.
And it’s
 a five-year-old Latina girl. It is a seven-year-old black boy.
What happens to them will determine what America looks like.”

I have my husband, Rob, to thank for pointing my nose toward this Bill Moyers interview with her.  Read more…

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