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On the Move…

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Bookfair

Long time, no see!

Heading to Portland, Oregon later this month for the AWP Conference, but first, let me tell you this, which you won’t believe:

For over two months, I’ve been immersed in a mind-numbing, tedious but extremely rewarding pass back through my manuscript to rein in my overuse of “the”.  Yep. What can I say. Had to do it. According to The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, “the” is overused more than any other English language word*—and I believe it after seeing how many times I had overused it myself.

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Celebrating 4 Years!


Wooo–whooo!! THANKS to YOU—devoted Followers—this blog is 4 years old! To celebrate I’m launching a new feature: IN A NUTSHELL: an audio blogcast where I will share my writings, research interviews ~ and what not. This first episode is a revised version of the pages I read on Friday, October 23 at Rant & Reverie, a fundraiser for Novato (CA) Theater. It’s a scene from the set up of my work-in-progress novel, Peach Seed Monkey. To listen, CLICK  HERE ~ or ~ the play> button below. Leave a comment!…share your thoughts on the reading.

In A Nutshell 
1: A Wind Blew from the North 10.30.15

Nia ~ An Inspired Wave

Writing and Life intertwine in interesting ways.

my desk

My creatively cluttered desk


It’s been a while since I posted—too busy with life and writing, each taking me into uncharted territory. Revising the novel results in a blur between fiction and life sometimes as my characters throw in their own commentary on what’s going on in my life. Read more…

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